About Project Based Learning (PBL)

Project Based Learning (PBL) is a curriculum which is different to a normal curriculum, in that the approach is more student-centred, with the learning occurring within projects, rather than individually.

The projects generally follow a cross-curricular theme and uses an initiated ‘driving question’ to encourage and develop student communication, creativity and critical thinking skills whilst using 21st Century Skills.  A ‘driving question’ engages the student to solve real-world, local community problems or a complex question.  The students then demonstrate the skills they’ve learned with a presentation to a real audience or develop a public product.

The students work on projects that vary in duration;  between five to ten weeks.  Within this duration, meetings with companies are conducted, offsite visits, visits from subject matter experts and students gain knowledge of potential career paths.  All the elements of PBL enhance the learning experience for our students.